The Star Trek Novel Project and Random Ideas

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Over the weekend, my husband decided he really wanted a VHS camera. He’s got a lot of YouTube video plans in mind (which I will not spoil here) and wanted a crappy old camera for that purpose. We went to every thrift store and pawn shop in the immediate area on Saturday when I suddenly had a weird idea: Try to find secondhand Star Trek books.

Science Fiction, especially extended universe Sci-Fi, is often discarded alongside self-help books and Left Behind hardcovers. What I noticed when I started looking through books at Goodwill was that Star Trek books were more commonly discarded than other franchises.

I’ve been on a bit of a Star Trek kick lately. I’m three series deep into a Next Generation marathon and have already torn through The Original Series. So, I’m down to read a bit of the extended universe stuff.

My first book haul netted me 12 books involving Voyager, TNG, and TOS.

The question is, what am I going to do with a stack of random Star Trek novels, some of which are part of an extended story line I don’t have a complete set of? Well, I’m going to review them. As I finish a book, I’ll put an in-depth review up here, complete with quotes and referential clips (if I can find them).

photo 1My first title is the strange early fan fiction premise called Q-In-Law where Lwaxana Troi and Q meet after Q crashes a wedding aboard the Enterprise. I’ll leave you think about what that entails. In the forward, the author Peter David talks about how many Trek fans requested a story where Q and Lwaxana meet, and that he is not the first writer to consider the project.

I must admit, that is an intriguing idea, but the back of the book tells us that Lwaxana gives Q a lesson in love, suggesting that the plot may leave something to be desired.

Well, I hope you’re as excited to read Star Trek novel reviews as I am to write them. If you have any requests or suggestions, let me know. I’m also open to taking Trek book donations. If you have books you don’t want, let me know through the comments, email, or Twitter and I’ll cover the shipping. Plus, I’ll give you a shout out when I review a book you suggested/donated.

Alright, off I go to tackle Q-In-Law. Wish me luck!


About Jasmine Maleficent Rea

Jasmine is a writer, journalist, amateur chef, and general nerd. She loves Iron Man, Star Trek, and Dragon Quest to scary degrees and has been known to drink a bit of wine. She's also a semi-recovering game journalist.
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