Kusoge Theater is GO

For the last couple of years I’ve really wanted to put together a video channel highlighting the things I love most in this world: crappy old video games. Now Cameron Pershall (@devilscrash on twitter) and I are embarking on a retro extravaganza called Kusoge Theater.

We have an extensive retro game collection, complete with a stupid amount of bad things. We also dabble in absurd and downright crappy retro accessories. So, Kusoge Theater will hopefully be a collection of all the silly-ass things we hold dear and probably shouldn’t. But, the world would be boring if everything was good, safe, and peaceful.

Here’s our first video. I’ll be keeping track of these on Video Games, Cookies, and Pie but you might want to subscribe. Cameron’s already done an extra vid and I’m sure we’ll be doing tons of those along the way.

I hope you’re as pumped about silly videos as we are!


About Jasmine Maleficent Rea

Jasmine is a writer, journalist, amateur chef, and general nerd. She loves Iron Man, Star Trek, and Dragon Quest to scary degrees and has been known to drink a bit of wine. She's also a semi-recovering game journalist.
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