Broken Laptop

Woke up this morning to find my laptop is no longer functional. Somehow, I managed to get it wet and the residual moisture seems to have done something terrible to it.

To say I am upset is an understatement. Mostly, I just feel like an idiot. I was not feeling well last night, and I imagine not feeling well/being sick/rushing around resulted in the terrible situation my laptop is in now. it is wet, the keyboard mostly, and I am desperately trying to air it out.

From what I can tell, nothing deep inside the laptop seems to have gotten wet. Everything is just as dusty as I’d expect, and doesn’t look streaked or damaged. I imagine the keyboard is likely ruined, but I am still trying to clean it up so it can dry fully.

You never realize how gross a keyboard can get until you desperately need to get it clean and dry. There’s 2 years of cat hair and potato chips making this all much harder.

If the laptop is ruined, I don’t know what I am going to do. I spent a great deal of money on this two years ago. I lucked into it, and decided to invest it in a gaming laptop I could use for work. Two years later, my financial situation has not improved like I hoped it would, and I cannot just rush out and replace the single-most important piece of technology I own.

Perhaps I should take donations? Would you contribute a little money to a college student who just lost her computer?


About Jasmine Maleficent Rea

Jasmine is a writer, journalist, amateur chef, and general nerd. She loves Iron Man, Star Trek, and Dragon Quest to scary degrees and has been known to drink a bit of wine. She's also a semi-recovering game journalist.
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