The Return of One a Day

Last year, in fact a year to the day, I started this blog to go along with Pete Davison’s One a Day Project. He is much more dedicated to the process than I ever was, and pitifully I failed to keep the blog consistently updated for more than a month.

Well, it’s time for round 2. This year I plan to do a lot of things, like document my weight loss as I use fitness/motion video games and eventually land a paying industry job.

I also intend to write something here every day for a year…again. Last year I tried to get too fancy, and too varied with my subject matter. I’ve decided that for the next 12 months I will use this blog as a canvas for all the ideas I don’t think anyone would ever pay me to discuss. I need to make myself write but I find talking about what I like is much, much easier.

So now I will make myself write. Even if all I do is write a terrible joke once a day, something will be written.

It also helps that the Word Press app is finally working for me and that I have a fancy iPad keyboard. I love using this setup for just about everything, so it will encourage me to type up something.

Plus, this is much more convenient for travel!

Anyway, I will be writing once a day. I need to, I want to, and I cannot let myself get all lazy about it.


About Jasmine Maleficent Rea

Jasmine is a writer, journalist, amateur chef, and general nerd. She loves Iron Man, Star Trek, and Dragon Quest to scary degrees and has been known to drink a bit of wine. She's also a semi-recovering game journalist.
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4 Responses to The Return of One a Day

  1. Pete Davison says:

    Good luck! The thing with blogging every day is not to get hung up on being funny or witty or whatever every day — you’re writing for you. If others happen to enjoy it, so much the better. But the reason I’ve been able to keep going so long is because I simply use it as a sort of mental “scratch pad”. Works for me, and it’s been quite therapeutic, too.

    You spelled my name wrong, though, DAGNABBIT

  2. Rob Thomas says:

    Much like you, I barely made it a month in. Going to attempt round 2 now. We’ll see what happens, I suppose…

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